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Insights to support the launch of a breakthrough treatment in food allergy


This client would like to understand a specific segment of the food allergy market in Australia and the potential to bring its treatment to market.

In order to make this decision, senior management needed insights on the willingness of Allergists and Paediatricians to prescribe the treatment, and the willingness of parents to pay for the treatment. Secondly, the client needed the volume of patients for each specialty and the monthly rate of new diagnosis


The solution was an approach with 4 modules across 2 phases: phase 1 had a qualitative module of in-depth interviews with Allergists and Paediatricians as well as a 2-week market research online community module with parents of patients. For 10 days, participants were asked open-ended questions and to complete projective exercises.

Modules in phase 2 were online surveys to assess pricing sensitivity using the Van Westendorp technique with both groups.


The research identified 4 distinct segments in the prescriber population and recommendations were for the client to approach 2 of these first.

The research community yielded a wealth of insight into the emotional, social and financial impact of the allergy on the daily life of families. The client plans to use themes from this in future communication programs. The client could make an informed decision at what price to launch with a price-demand curve from parents.


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