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Monitoring physicians’ understanding of the age indication for a seasonal product


This client needed to provide evidence to the regulatory authorities that its efforts to educate healthcare professionals on the correct age indication of its product had an impact.

It wanted to measure the understanding of target customers before, during and after the educational campaign. This required an agile approach with short turnaround times.  


A micro-survey of 5 questions to a nationally representative sample of physicians, pharmacists and nurses. Repeated every 2 weeks, for a total of 3 months to coincide with the peak usage of this seasonal product.

The survey asked whether they stocked the product, what the age indication was, where they had heard of this age indication and the attitude towards usage of this product category.


At the end of the 12 week tracking period we could show that the knowledge level of healthcare professionals of the correct age indication was substantially higher.

Moreover, insights showed the specific channels through which prescribers and nurses had learned of this age indication.

The client used these insights in a submission to the regulatory authorities that outlined its post-marketing authorisation surveillance efforts.

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